DESCRIPTION: GPU-VAGHODIA is now producing LHC using RLNG, HVJ, and RLNG mixed gas as feedstock. In this context earlier M/s. EIL has partially carried out the technical feasibility of running GPU-VAGHODIA on RLNG. However presently (after operation with RLNG) some piping and vessels in cold section experiencing temperature in the range (-) 45 deg C to (-) 90 deg C (which earlier used to remain in the range of (-) 22 deg C to (-) 60 deg C when operated with HVJ gas).In this connection, M/s GAIL Noida in association with GAIL – GPU-VAGHODIA wants M/s UPCEM to conduct stress analysis and suitability of material of construction (MOC) for this sustained low temperature operation of cold section Piping and Equipment.

UPCEM Scope:

  • Process Simulation of Cryogenic Piping with new Feedstock on Aspen Hysys Software
  • Study of cold section of LPG recovery plant (Piping and Equipment/ vessels).
  • Verification of available ISOMETRICS with site conditions and same to be hand marked for further drafting.
  • Study of provided data of cold section Piping and equipment/ vessels.
  • Initial submission of Stress Analysis Criteria Report for comments and approval.
  • Stress analysis need to be conducted for transition from HVJ to RLNG case.
  • The process conditions of cold section for iC4+nC4 (Butane Case) content 0.5 mole% in feed gas RLNG shall be obtained from process simulation.
  • Process simulation for butane content 0.5 mole% shall be done by UPCEM for internal evaluation of worst case scenario.
  • Preliminary draft report to be submitted for comments
  • Final outcome in form of report “Stress Analysis Report Cold section of LPG recovery plant”.