SIMOPS Study for GSPC-PLQP, Kakinada with L&T
Locations: Kakinada
The Platform consists of a process deck, a Living Quarter and a Turbine Generator Module housing 2 No’s of Gas Turbine Generators. The Platform has facilities for processing hydrocarbon at high pressure of 161 kg/cm2 and high temperature of 175 deg. C.
Further, Platform consisted of around 51 numbers of utility and process equipment packages such as IA/UA Compressor Package, Water Maker, ECU package, Breathing Air and Startup air package, EDG packages etc.
SIMOPS study was conducted for Drilling vs Operations for GSPC-PLQP. Simultaneous Operations also referred to as SIMOPS occur when two or more potentially conflicting activities or process operations are being coordinated in the same location at the same time.
SIMOPS are described as the potential clash of activities which could bring about an undesired event or set of circumstances, e.g. Safety, Environment, damage to assets, schedule, commercial, financial etc. Confluence of two or more jobs needs to be identified for Safe Operations.