JOB DESCRIPTION: – To carry out certifying/reporting scaffolding jobs of Refinery on normal and shutdown days as and when required, by deployment of suitable scaffolding certified supervisor resources, as per tender & instruction of EIC.


  1. To assist and carry out inspection of scaffolds of Refinery on normal and shutdown days as and when required as a supplementary requirement by deployment of suitable scaffolding cel1ified engineer resources at MRPL, As per Annexure-J & instruction of EIC.
  2. The contractor supervisor shall carry out jobs as mentioned below
  3. Daily visit to all the plants for monitoring the scaffolding execution jobs as per safety norms & report unsafe acts/conditions/violations
  4. Ce11ification of erected scaffoldings as per safety norms and giving necessary clearance for e~ecutiol1 of job.
  5. Ensuring the contractor to put the tag “safe to use” on the scaffolds after inspection
  6. The supervisor shall supervise scaffolding works, giving instructions to subordinates and subcontractors, to ensure quality control and compliance of materials and workmanship.
  7. The supervisor shall take onsite training on safe errection and dismantling of scaffoldings and all the safety precautions to be followed.
  8. The supervisor shall make the daily report and monthly report.

However, the jobs mentioned above are indicative and contractor shall be carried out other required jobs as directed by EIC of department.

  1. Indicative Area wise deployment details to carry out the jobs as and when it arises is as mentioned in annexure-l. The number of resources to be deployed can increase or decrease to can)’ out the work as per instruction of EIC. In case of any shutdown/any unexpected work exigencies. additional resource” need to be deployed as per the instructions of the EIC. However, payment will be made on actual deployment and Certification by EIC.
  2. Contractor IS required to depute scaffolding supervisor resource only as per below criteria.
  3. Scaffolding supervisor possesses a certified scaffolding supervisor course with minimum 3 years’ experience.