ONGC intended to install B-193-A well-cum-Process platform having a separate bridge connected Living Quarter platform along with HP and LP flare structures, 5 well platforms and intra field submarine lines located in the Heera-Panna-Bassien field. All the processing facilities i.e. fuel gas system, separation, produced water treatment, gas compression and dehydration, acid gas removal and disposal unit etc is installed on the process platform. This field is of marginal nature and has high H2S (in the range of 6000 to 24000 ppm) & moderate CO2 content

UPCEM Scope: Precommissioning and commissioning of the New Receiver(R-116001), New Well Fluid Manifold (PM-116101), and New HP Separator (V-116201) at offshore that is associated with B193 project of

ONGC India.

Processing facilities at process platform consist of broadly the following: –

  • Well fluid receiving system
  • HP separators system
  • Crude oil heater system
  • Acid gas removal unit
  • Acid gas disposal unit
  • MOL pumps
  • Process gas compressor
  • LP compression system
  • Gas knock out vessel
  • Condensate system
  • Gas dehydration and glycol regeneration system
  • Oxygen scavenger and water injection system
  • Chemical injection
  • Produced water system
  • Drain system
  • Fuel gas conditioning
  • WHRU (Waste heat recovery unit) system
  • Hot oil system
  • Flare system
  • Seawater lifting and filtration
  • Diesel fuel system
  • Emergency diesel generator
  • Main power generation system
  • Instrument air/Utility air system
  • Nitrogen system
  • Utility water system
  • Hypochlorite system
  • Potable water system
  • DM water system
  • Sewage treatment system