Location: CSIA, Mumbai
Chairman: Mr. Mehtab Shaikh
Co-Chairman: Mr. Gajinkar
Observers: Mr. Azar Satarkar, Mr. Naved Ahmed
Safety studies of the “Integrated Aviation Fuel Farm Facility & Hydrant System”, comprising of ATF storage tanks with allied facilities, slop tanks, loaded and unloaded main pumps, transfer pipe-lines, connector to the hydrant system, utilities, emergency back-up power, cathodic protection systems, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA) systems, fire protection systems, electrical and instrumentation systems and civil and structural buildings
Fuel Farm Facilities: Pipe-line receiving station, Truck Unloading Station, Main fuel tanks, Main Fuel pumps station, re-fuller loading station and test rigs.
Auxiliary Systems: Recovery Tanks and pumps, De-fueling tank and pump, slop tank and pump, closed sampling system, Potable Water system and oily water system.