the Mumbai High North processing platform

MHN-Process Platform & Living Quarter project of ONGC with L&T Ltd
Location: Offshore
Value of the Project: USD 1 Billion
MHN process complex consists of existing MNW process platform, NA well cum process platform and proposed MNP process platform, MLQ living quarter platform and flare tripods MNF1 & MNF2. All the processing facilities i.e. fuel gas system, separation, produced water treatment, gas compression and dehydration, gas sweetening etc is installed on this platform. In addition there are testing facilities for testing of production coming from individual platforms.
UPCEM Scope: Complete Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Handover Management for complete project and Commissioning Manpower Supply.
Processing facilities at MHN process platform consist of broadly the following:-
  • Well fluid receivers
  • 2 No of Production / 1 No of Test manifold
  • MPFM for testing of individual platform production
  • Well Fluid processing facility (2 trains consisting of HP Separator , LP separator & Vertical Stabilization
  • vessel)
  • Oil, gas and water separation and processing of oil to meet required specifications
  • Oil pumping facilities for pipeline transportation and tanker loading. Oil pumping facilities include Crude transfer pump and Restart pump. The Main Oil Line Pumps are free issue items supplied by the company.
  • Gas compression (gas compressor modules to be supplied as free issue) and dehydration facilities for compressed gas from MNP and MNW PGC
  • LP Gas Compressor System
  • Produced water treatment and disposal facilities
  • Sweetening facilities for sour gas from B-Series platform and sour condensate handling facility
  • Launchers for stabilized oil, Lift gas etc.
  • Vent system for disposal of waste gases
  • Hot Oil System and WHRU system
  • Gas and Oil metering with Custody transfer meter only for tanker loading stream.
  • Gas Lift manifold with metering
  • Chemical transfer, storage and Injection System
  • Fuel gas conditioning system
  • Closed Hydro carbon, OHD and ODD system
  • Sump Caisson with Blow-case & water sampling facilities
  • HP, LP and Acid Flare systems
  • Fire Water pump and fire water network & sprinkler system
  • Vent stack with CO2 snuffing system
  • Portable HC, Hydrogen and H2S detectors
  • Utility water pump and distribution network
  • Diesel storage, treatment system and transfer system
  • Power Generation and distribution system
  • Emergency Generator
  • HVAC system
  • Cooling water System
  • KOD for separation of liquid and vapour in the NQ-MNP 24 LP Gas line
  • Instrument air/Utility air system
  • Nitrogen system
  • Utility water system
  • Hypo-chlorite system
  • Potable water system
  • DM water system
  • Sewage treatment system