HAZOP Study for GAIL G-1, G-15 Non APM gas Evaluation with VCS Engineering & Quality Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Odalrevu, Pasalpudi
GAIL intends to execute Terminal Works at Odalrevu station to utilize Non APM gas from G-1, G-15 blocks of ONGCL at Odalrevu in KG Basin region, and injection of the same in KKD-1 & KKD-2 at Pasalpudi.
The prime objective of this HAZOP study is to systematically examine the proposed design and identify, before design, hazards or potential operational problems which can be avoided by redesign or suitable operating procedures. Selected lines and plant items in the P&ID were examined in turn by applying appropriate guide words. The unfavorable and potentially hazardous situations and subsequent consequences were evaluated /estimated. Measures to eliminate or minimize the undesirable consequences are recommended.